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Meet the 2013 Master Sand Sculpting Competitors!

Celebrating Hampton's 13th year Anniversary of Sand Competitions...New England's original Master Solo Competition with World Class Sculptors. See you in the sand...

Welcome to A Family of Masters

Greg Grady
New Hampshire
Event Founder and Organizer

Artist, sculptor and lover of all things to do with the ocean, it was only natural for me to gravitate to Hampton, bringing with me a unique talent of sand sculpture over 20 years ago. Turning it into a world championship event took a little bit of imagination and determination but with the help of many local agencies and businesses, Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Competition was conceived and today is one of the premier events in New England. I wish to thank all of our sponsors and volunteers for helping create and sustain such a great event. Donıt forget to vote for your favorite on Saturday. For more info on events and promotions email me at

David Andrews

David is the current US National Snow Sculpting Champion. I met David while competing at the Nationals in Lake Geneva and just knew we had to have him here. Although he may be fairly new to the competitive world of sand, he is by no means a stranger to sculpting and jumped at the challenge. In his day job, he works for an art restoration company restoring theaters, churches, federal buildings, etc., doing a little of everything, including painting murals, sculpture, stained glass painting, and gold leaf. He has been sculpting ice and snow for about 25 years and has won many awards. After carving in freezing conditions for so many years, David is looking forward to a three day challenge where there is "something so sweet about carving sand in warmer weather." We welcome him and his family to Hampton and hope the weather does too!

Karen Fralich
Ontario, Canada

Karen began her career sculpting pottery as a child in 1983 where a local artist from Ontario recognized her talents and by 1994 had introduced her to the world of sand and let me tell you, she hasn't missed a beat since. To date she has competed in over 100 Masters Level International sand sculpture contests, is a 4 time World Champion, 5 time North American Champion and 3 time Hampton Beach Champion! Last year's People's Choice winner Karen's simple elegance and demeanor is reflected in her work. It's always a pleasure and honor to welcome her back to New Hampshire. A full time freelance sculptor, you can follow her travels around the globe at

Lucinda "Sandy Feet" Wierenga

Lucinda has won a modest amount of international fame with her sandsculpting skills, competing at major events all around the world for over 25 years. She has taught tens of thousands of people how to build a better sand castle in lessons, workshops and team building exercises; and she has reached untold numbers more with her best-selling book, 'Sand Castles Made Simple.' Her current obsession is perfecting her top-secret recipe for creating sand sculptures that last for months and possibly a good bit longer. The results of her efforts may be seen all over the grounds of The SandBox Inn, her unique and spacious vacation rental/sand castle academy on beautiful South Padre Island, TX. Visit:

Sue McGrew

Sue dove head first into the professional world of sand sculpting in 2009 at the age 23. She'd discovered her passion for sand when she was 16 and this early introduction into the art form makes her one of the youngest professional sand sculptors in the US. Her flowing organic style and expressive figures have won her a number of competitions. Her most recent awards are First Place Texas SandFest 2012, First Place Solos, Federal Way WA 2012, and Second Place Solos at Revere Beach, MA 2012. She also starred in Travel Channel's Reality TV show "Sand Masters," a two season program about the worldwide adventures of a group of America's top sand sculptors. Sue hails from the Seattle area of Washington State, USA. An artist since childhood with her three dimensional roots in origami, Sue's first taste of sand sculpting (besides her back yard sand box) came during high school, after which she found herself hopelessly addicted to the ephemeral art form. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a BFA in Theatre-Stage Management, but chose to follow her love of sand and immediately continued her sculpting career after college. Today Sue continues to share the magic of sand sculpting with the world, working and competing with her partner Sandis Kondrats of Latvia. She continues to grow as an artist of many mediums, but until she tires of living out of a gritty suitcase, she devotes herself to sand, ice, and snow.

Marc Lepire
Quebec, Canada

Just one look, how could someone not love this man. He exhumes happiness and strength. Another globetrotter and icon in his home, Quebec, Marc has been entertaining the masses with sand, snow, ice and wood sculptures, starting when he was old enough to walk. Raising his family as he was raised, the Lepire's are continuing a tradition world renowned in sculpture. It is our pleasure to once again have him back at Hampton Beach. Winner of many awards and known as the 'Worst' he always gives it his best.

Michel Lepire
Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada

A sculptor of ice and sand, Michel is culinary owner of Sculptures Michel Lepire, Inc. Sculpting ice for more than 35 years and the official sculptor of the prestigious Winter Carnaval and Ice Hotel of Quebec, he has taken part and carried out several projects in Canada, America and Europe. Michel has been sand sculpting for 16 years. He won the World Championship in 2003 and also won several medals and trophies. He has organized the competition of the International of Sand Sculpture of Quebec for 15 years and is orginator and artistic Director of the Sand of Time at Expo Quebec for the 400 Anniversary of Quebec. He has participated in several projects throuhout the world and is always a favorite here in Hampton.

Justin Gordon

Justin has been sculpting for over 38 years. After getting laid off from his engineering job, he became a professional sculptor in 1991. He carves wood (fine wood carvings and chainsaw tree carvings), wax for jewelry, clay, ice, sand, snow for ski areas, foam, and stone. Justin also does the 55 ton sand sculptures at the Topsfield Fair. He concentrates on commissioned fine wood carved figures, architectural carving, restorations, and custom clock cases. Justin's sculpting company is Elwin Designs based in Groveland, Mass. He also teaches carving classes in Groveland and Randolph, Mass. You can see more of Justin's work on his web site:

Carl D. Jara

"I'm actually a pretty simple guy. I like woodworking, gardening, food, a good book and beer. I have earned two of the most envied jobs in the world; exhibits creator for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and professional sand sculptor. I've been given the opportunity over the last 22 years to travel the world, win six dozen or so medals, and work and compete against almost every sand sculptor in the business, many of whom have become my friends and family. I create sand sculpture because I worship it, it is my spiritual experience. If I'm not talking to you, it's because I'm in the middle of either rapture or despair. This moment is my life. Thanks for understanding."

Greg J. Grady
New Hampshire

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree... A second generation sculptor and veteran of the Marine Corp (Semper Fi), Greg has grown up playing in some of the best and biggest sand boxes any kid could have imagined, turning most childhood dreams into reality with a career creating sculptures at events and festivals around the globe. An ephemeral artist, he works with sand, snow, ice, wood and pumpkins. Doing what he loves, Greg plans on dedicating his life to the arts as he finds success and makes a positive impact in the world. Always expanding his techniques and honing his skills, be sure to keep an eye on this local to wow the crowds both here in New Hampshire and abroad. For lessons, creations, and more visit:

Guy-Olivier Deveau
Quebec, Canada

Guy started off as a philosophy major using art to fund his studies. By 2008 he found himself at the World Championship of sand sculpting where he placed 4th in his first ever attempt at the title. His sculpture takes a different approach than most, using his imagination to bring you into a world of his own far reaching thoughts and ideas, provoking your imagination. He travels the globe participating in sand sculpting events. In his free time he sculpts snow, ice and wood. Be sure to take a moment and absorb this yearıs creation as we take another look into the mind of GUY!

Darlene Duggan

Who takes a vacation and goes to the beach to work?...Darlene. This corporate exec is no stranger to the sand pile. She has been participating in Hampton and other projects for over 10 years now. Her logo carving and lessons have earned her a following who anticipate her return each year. Why not take a moment and try getting your hands dirty yourself and enjoy a lesson or a day at the beach with Darlene.

Carissa Porcaro

Graduating from Portland High in the top of her class dedicated to community service and art, this will be Carissa's 6th year helping people understand the basics of sand sculpture. Young and old alike are always amazed after spending a short time with her during our lessons and demonstrations. Big buckets, big kids, small buckets, small kids thatıs her motto. Carissa has also won her share of awards and accolades and has a very promising future in the world of sand and the arts.

Thanks for all the help from the 2011 Sand Sculpting Competition Volunteers!

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