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Sand Sculpture Event 2015

The fun starts Friday, June 12th, 2015 when 250 tons of imported sand is dropped on Hampton Beach and the "Grady Bunch" starts pounding up the sponsor site. The entire area is illuminated for night viewing. Watch Greg Grady and "The Grady Bunch" build a mammoth Sand Demo Site. View all entries on line at this website. The competition is by invitation only. Interested Master Sand Sculptors may contact the event organizer at or at The event is funded by the Hampton Beach Village District and Sponsors, in cooperation with The Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce and The NH Division of Parks

Interested sponsors should contact Greg at or call 603-548-6002.

Download the 2015 Sand Sculpting sponsorship information.

Check out our past Sand Sculpting Sponsors!

Interested in volunteering fill out our VOLUNTEER FORM or call Kim at 603-918-6652 to sign up!

How it Started - How its Grown

It all began in 2000 with twenty-five cents. One quarter. The New Hampshire Quarter to be precise.

Local artist and master sand sculptor Greg Grady was commissioned by the U.S. Mint to create a larger than life replica of the new tail side edition New Hampshire quarter out of ten tons of sand during the Hampton Beach Children's Festival. At the time, it was just a part if the statewide celebration held for the release of that coin. It was something Hampton Beach had never seen the likes of before!

Fortunately, it was something Hampton Beach would see again. The following year, the first annual Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpture Competition was held. When 220 tons of imported sand was trucked into the beach with Greg Grady and his 'bunch' laboring for five days on the sponsor site followed by a three day competition of ten world class masters creating their own unique sculpture, a new era was born and sand sculpture had arrived to the northeast. Over the course of the event nothing but sand, water, and a bit of their own creativity is used to create astonishing works of art out of shapeless heaps of sand. When completed they are sprayed with windscreen (a solution of school glue and water) to protect them from the elements and remain standing for viewing for weeks creating a free museum of master pieces on the beach.

This invitational only event has grown in leaps and bounds making it the largest Masters competition in the Northeast United States. This year Hampton Beach will feature a sponsor site of 150 tons, Ten world class masters vying for $15,000.00 in purse and entry awards and will be illuminated at night for viewing and much much more. Hampton has attracted the attention of millions of visitors who came to watch something which is part sculpture part performance art.

It is something you have to see in person to believe.

Because Hampton has great world class sand sculpting and a whole lot more!

Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Competition Announces Winners

HAMPTON BEACH, NH - June 20, 2015 -- The Hampton Beach Sand Sculpting Competition in Hampton Beach, NH wrapped up three days of competition on Saturday. The first place winner was Karen Fralich from Ontario, Canada with her sculpture "Life", which depicted the cycle of life, featuring a baby on the front and the face of an older man in the back.

Second place went to "Entangled" by last year's winner, Guy-Olivier Deveau from Quebec, Canada. The sculpture contained two skeletons which represented the complications of a relationship in which two people become entwined. Third place went to Carl Jara from Cleveland, Ohio with the sculpture titled "Role Play", which is about the new roles you take on and the roles you shed as you become a parent for the first time. Fourth place and the "Sculptor's Choice" Award went to Abe Waterman from Prince Edward Island for his sculpture "Sucker Punch", which portrayed a man punching a large face. As Abe described it, "it shows that feeling you get when you do your taxes and you have to deal with the I.R.S." And fifth place went to David Andrews from Wisconsin with "Together in the Game of Fate", a difficult sculpture that depicted toppled chess pieces.

The "People's Choice" Award went a to Justin Gordon of Groveland, Mass. with "B.F.F.'s", a sculpture made of an ogre and his "B.F.F", which is a kitten.

The sculptures this year also included an intricate 3D mural of the "American Spirit" which featured eagles, a Native American Indian and a teepee by Michele Lepire from Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada and a Trojan Horse called "Flower Power" by Lucinda "Sandy Feet" Wierenga. Greg Grady, Jr. created a warped head titled "Twisted". Another, "Leap of Faith", featured a man leaping downward, was created by Damon Langlois from British Columbia, Canada.

The sculptors carved over three days, from June 18-20, to complete their own solo sculpture using 10 tons of sand. Voting took place and awards were given out on Saturday, June 20. The awards presentation, which was held on the Sea Shell stage, was followed by a fantastic fireworks display over the Atlantic Ocean. The sculptures will remain on display through July 5th, and will be lit for night viewing.

For photos of the winning sculptures, please visit or the facebook page,

2015 Sand Sculpting Winners

1st: Karen Fralich, "Life"

2nd: Guy-Olivier Deveau, "Entangled"

3rd: Carl Jara, "Role Play"

4th: Abe Waterman, "Sucker Punch"

5th: David Andrews, "Together in the Game of Fate"

Sculptors Choice: Abe Waterman, "Sucker Punch"

Peoples Choice: Justin Gordon, "B.F.F.'s"

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2015 Sand Sculpting Winner Karen Fralich, "Life"

Schedule for 2015 Master Sand Sculpting Competition

Fri., June 12
250 Tons of Imported Sand is dropped on Hampton Beach

Mon. - Weds. - June 15
18 Massive 150 Ton Sponsor Site Created

Wed., June 17
Sponsors Grand Finale with a Master Group Carve

Thurs., Fri., & Sat. 18-19-20
Solo Competition 10 World Class Master Sand Sculptors
$15,000 purse and entry awards

2015 Event T Shirts available for sale in limited supply on site
2015 Event T Shirts also sold at Ashley's across from the Pavillion

Sat., June 20, 1:00 - 4:00 PM
Judging and Voting for People's Choice Award, 1-4 pm, Come Vote for Your Favorite!

Sat., June 20 at 8:00 PM
Awards Ceremony on Sea Shell Stage, Fireworks 9:30 pm

Special Fireworks Display at 9:30

The event is lighted for nightly viewing through July 5th.

The $15,000 in purse and entry awards will be distributed as follows:
1st Prize - $3,000
2nd Prize - $2,500
3rd Prize - $2,000
4th Prize - $1,500
5th Prize - $1,000
People Choice - $500

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