• Greg Grady – Hampton, New Hampshire – Local Sculptor/Organizer

    Greg Grady – Hampton, New Hampshire – Local Sculptor/Organizer

    It’s Just Sand”….. I have no idea how many times I’ve said this over the years while looking into the eyes of the bewildered and amazed, young and old alike, just to get that stare back of disbelief and awe while still to this day I too am totally awestruck at the works of art and talent these folks bring to Hampton and around the world! Please make sure to vote on Saturday 1-3 p.m. or just give a good a word of praise and inspiration to your favorite anytime. For information on sponsorship or to become a volunteer go to or call 603.548.6002.  A big thank you to all of our sponsors and volunteers without whom all of this would not be possible!

  • Mélineige Beauregard – Montreal

    Mélineige Beauregard – Montreal

    Some believe sand sculpting is art, some believe it’s a sport. Mélineige believes it’s a spiritual experience. “When my hands touch the material, when my heart opens to give life, when my head is illuminated by light, I become the co-creator of the universe,” she said. “An artist is one who  spiritualizes matter.” She should know. Art is in her blood. Her father is internationally renowned    sculptor Guy Beauregard, and like her father, she too has achieved international success. In fact, in 2004 the father-daughter duo teamed to win the World Championship in the doubles category. Since then she has won more than 30 individual awards. In 2013 she was Grand Champion of  the first All Woman World Championship of Sand Sculpting in Florida.  And she is, with Jonathan Bouchand « Jobi », the current World Cup Champion 2014 in the doubles category. “For me, art is a means of communication, a way to transmit the energy of life, to affirm its vastness and its beauty.” Other materials:  Snow and Ice since 1998.

  • Karen Fralich – Toronto, Canada

    Karen Fralich – Toronto, Canada
    Karen has been creating sand sculptures for 22 years. Since 2000, this has been her full time professional career. Her work takes her around the world, collaborating with her large extended family of wonderful sculptor friends. To date, Karen has competed in 121 Masters Level International sand sculpture contests. She is a 5 time World Champion and 5 time North American Champion. She is the only woman to ever win the Solo World Championships. Hampton Beach is like a second home to Karen, “the people, atmosphere, sand, seafood and fishing are fantastic!” She can’t wait to join the “Grady Bunch” once again and shovel tons of sand and carve it into something exciting!
  • Abe Waterman – Prince Edward Island

    Abe Waterman – Prince Edward Island
    Here is what the critics say: “Mr. Waterman’s brilliance shines forth from his works as bright and clear as the burning sensation one experiences in the nostrils upon inhaling a freshly laid spinach fart,” says Marty Ackerman of Innovations in Sand Weekly. “Possibly the most irreverent artist of our age,” according to Frederich Nietzsche with Tomorrow’s Thinkers Today. Morgan Rudluff, of television’s smash hit Sand Masters calls him “The Postmodern Impressionist Popcorn of Sand.” “Abe is to sand sculpture as Bambi is to Kibbles and Bits,” said more than one prominent New York statesman during a recent heated debate, adding, “there can be no doubt.” “Goddamn auto-correct, I meant irrelevant!” continues Frederich Nietzsche with Tomorrow’s Thinkers Today. “If Abe Waterman’s entire career, or life for that matter,” elaborates Priscilla Peach of Time’s Up Magazine Monthly,” could be summed up in one word, it would be…umm…it would be…what was I talking about?…Ah, yes, it would be most likely a very short word.”
  • Damon Langlois – Victoria, Canada

    Damon Langlois – Victoria, Canada
    “I got my start as a sand artist in 1992 when I joined ‘The SandBoxers’ by Greg Jacklin.
    The team was formed by Mike Hearst and they needed an artist. Being young and full of bravado, I accepted. We were a ten person team so it was chaos and fun and I learned the ropes of sand sculpting. Twenty years of competing at the World Championships in Harrison Hot Springs introduced me to the international sand sculpting community. Harrison was the gathering place for all the greats of this field. I met my wife Charlotte Kolff there. In 2007, Charlotte competed against us on an all-girl team called The Machas. Our team won and I also won Charlotte’s heart. Our son’s middle name is Harrison. I compete and work as a professional Sand Sculptor and I am also an Industrial Designer. I design mass produced products using a computer. Products I design for clients are produced in factories. Although creative, it is very hands off and technical. This is why I love Sand Sculpting. It’s spontaneous, physical, immediate, and ephemeral. The opposite of my design work.”
  • Guy Olivier-Deveau – Quebec, Canada

    Guy Olivier-Deveau – Quebec, Canada
    Professional sand and ice sculptor from Québec, Canada for many years, this occupation merely was a summer job meant to help finance university study in the field of philosophy. After meeting and working with professional sculptors as a helper, he refined his skills and finally was able to enter the sand sculpture World Championship in 2008 where he placed 4th. Guy says that Hampton Beach is the event that started him on the path he is on today, traveling the world to perform his art and we are very happy to have been a part of such a fulfilling life.
  • Greg J. Grady – New Hampshire

    Greg J. Grady – New Hampshire
    Greg is a self-taught artist, a 2nd generation sand sculptor, and a veteran of the Marine Corp (Semper Fi). He developed his love for sand sculpture as a child creating sculptures with his father on the beaches of Cape Cod during family vacations. As the labor of love turned more serious for Greg Sr., young Greg took any chance to travel with his father to professional sand sculpture events to play in some of the best and biggest sand boxes imaginable, turning childhood dreams into a career at events and festivals around the globe, traveling to different piles of sand throughout the country, Canada, Europe, Mid-East, Mexico, the Caribbean, plus a trip to Necker Island, Richard Branson’s private island in the BVI to create a sculpture for a private party. Greg makes a living making art and sharing his creations with people and places all over the world. “One of the best parts of being a professional sculptor is when you get the phone call for your next gig.” In 2015, he was part of the team that broke the Guinness Book Record for World’s Largest Sand Sculpture in Miami…..just over 45’.
  • Carl D. Jara – Ohio

    Carl D. Jara – Ohio
    “I’m actually a pretty simple guy. I like woodworking, gardening, food, a good book and beer. I have earned two of the most envied jobs in the world: Exhibits Creator for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and professional sand sculptor. I’ve been given the opportunity over the last 22 years to travel the world, win six dozen or so medals, and work and compete against almost every sand sculptor in the business, many of whom have become my friends and ‘family.’ I create sand sculpture because I worship it, it is my spiritual experience. If I’m not talking to you, it’s because I’m in the middle of either rapture or despair. This moment is my life. Thanks for understanding.”
  • Justin Gordon – Massachusetts

    Justin Gordon – Massachusetts
    Justin has been sculpting for over 39 years. After getting laid off from his engineering
    job, he became a professional sculptor in 1991. He carves wood (fine wood carvings and
    chainsaw tree carvings), wax for jewelry, clay, ice, sand, snow for ski areas, foam, and
    stone. Justin also does the 55 ton sand sculptures at the Topsfield Fair. He concentrates on
    commissioned fine wood carved figures, architectural carving, restorations, and custom clock cases. Justin’s sculpting company is Elwin Designs based in Groveland, Mass. He also teaches carving classes in Groveland and Randolph, Mass. You can see more of Justin’s work on his website:
  • Michel Lepire – Quebec, Canada

    Michel Lepire – Quebec, Canada

    A sculptor of ice and sand, Michel is culinary owner of Sculptures Michel Lepire, Inc. Sculpting ice for more than 36 years and the official sculptor of the prestigious Winter Carnival and Ice Hotel of Quebec, he has taken part and carried out projects in Canada, America and Europe. Michel has been sand sculpting for 17 years. He won the World Championship in 2003 and also won several medals and trophies. He has organized the competition of the International of Sand Sculpture of Quebec for 15 years and is originator and artistic Director of the Sand of Time at Expo Quebec for the 400th Anniversary of Quebec. He has participated in several projects throughout the world and is always a favorite here in Hampton. 

  • David Andrews – Wisconsin

    David Andrews – Wisconsin
    About thirty years ago I skipped out of high school to participate in the U.S. National Snow Sculpting Competition and was instantly smitten. Since then, I’ve been in many competitions  carving materials such as ice, chocolate and potatoes. It is sand and snow, however that have become my main obsessions. I’m so obsessed that I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s all I ever talk about. I mean, it’s ALL I ever talk about. I’m talking about it right now and I’m thinking about talking about it later. Okay. Actually, I think I might have a problem cuz I really can’t stop talking about it…
  • Morgan Rudluff (Alternate Master) – California

    Morgan Rudluff (Alternate Master) – California
    Born an’ raised a California girl, Morgan likes beaches, flowers, avocados, fruit, and bare feet. In 2007, after dropping out of college, she stumbled into sand sculpting (or perhaps sand sculpting stumbled into her.) An immediate love affair, sand sculpting captured her heart and has taken her around the world, in front of television cameras, and deep into the caverns of dream-like circumstance… while winning medals. There have been articles of success written, along with callouses and sunburns. Agreeing to tie the knot with one of sand sculpting’s finest ruffians, Mr. Abe Waterman, she has secured for her future children a life of excessive shoveling, sarcasm, miss-matched socks, salad for breakfast, laughter, and adventures. She pursues snow and ice sculpting, clothing and costume design/construction, creative writing, kitchen witchery, scrap paper doodling, street theater, global backpacking, martini-infused philosophizing, and rocking out on her ukulele.
  • Darlene Duggan – Massachusetts

    Darlene Duggan – Massachusetts

    This will be my fifteenth year at Hampton Beach sculpting logos and giving lessons in sand sculpture for the event. During the rest of the year I’m busy managing and creating for my two web sites: and

    Why not take a moment and give yourself a burst of artistic creativity while you’re here
    and sign up for a lesson with me or just stop by and say hello?
  • Carissa Porcaro – Maine

    Carissa Porcaro – Maine

    I’m finishing up my bachelors degree at UMF as a Rehabilitation Service Major, then will be off to graduate school. Aside from long nights of studying I spend my time playing rugby and drawing. This will be my 9th year helping people understand the basics of sand sculpture while making sure everyone is enjoying themselves. You do not need to be artistic or creative to get a lesson, all you need is a positive attitude and be prepared to get a little sandy.

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